The end of fall 2010

Well, I believe my grading is finished and so comes the end of the fall semester of 2010. I plan to regroup for next semester as soon as possible. I will, once again, be traveling to Gales Point, Belize in Jan with the College of Health and Human Services. We depart Jan 6 and will return Jan 14. After I get back I will begin gearing up for the spring 2011 semester. I already have some ideas to add a freshness to all of my courses. I am busy working on a publication centered on student engagement and retention over a four year period at WKU. I have also been awarded a grant to study producer-only farmer’s markets during summer 2011. I also plan to help a colleague work on a paper about the links between healthy nutrition in adolescents and SES. Things are moving along!

This year has certainly had its ups and downs. I would say, all in all, that I have had worse years in my life though. I hope all of my readers and students had a good year. If you are planning to make a new year’s resolution, think about making one that will allow you to make a difference in your community. It gets old wishing you could lose 25 pounds every year; besides, it never happens :-). If you need help finding a project, let me know – I’d be glad to put you to work saving the world one neighborhood at a time!


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