Protest/Rally Canceled! Victory for Equality!

Good news!

Yes, the protest is canceled but it is good news!  President Ransdell met with the WKU Benefits Committee at 8am this morning and they voted, once again, on OQD Benefits (a.k.a Partner Benefits) and IT PASSED!

Thanks to all of you who helped with this endeavor – you made this happen!  This was not a ploy to force the president’s hand but an honest effort to build an equal campus community.  We just gave him the reason he needed to make the move 🙂

I’d encourage everyone to send President Ransdell an email ( and tell him how much you appreciate his efforts here.  This was an extremely hard, double-bind move for him.  He will no doubt get negative feedback and needs are support!

Again, thanks and enjoy the day as well as the victory!

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