Civil Disobedience – 4/02/2010

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Action For Benefit Equality

Right now, WKU discriminates against Faculty and Staff who love differently than the institution allows. It gives benefits to married couples but denies those same benefits to others. The prejudice is clear and we want to end it.

Fortunately, we can! Dr. Ransdell has the power to change this. He can grant domestic partners or other qualified dependents the same rights that heterosexual married couples enjoy. We will see that he does on April 2nd.

Meet at Guthrie Bell Tower at 11:20 on Friday [April 2, 2010].

Come wearing Western gear if you have it. We will provide the signs. Bring a friend. Bring 5 friends.

Remember what Dr. King said. Hate cannot be defeated by more hate, only with love. We will be respectful yet firm in our message and we will make a better tomorrow for all of us.


PS: write a quick email to Dr. Ransdell if you get a chance. We as the faculty, staff, and students of this university are all stake holders. He will listen to us.

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